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GoodCredit – Best Credit Score Needed to Buy A Car

If you are looking to purchase another auto, and you are planning on paying for it with chilly, hard-earned money, at that point you need not worry yourself with these scores. In any case, in the event that you are planning to get a loan to pay for it, at that point that is a … Read More

Get Your Credit Score When Applying for Auto Loan and Home Loan

In case you’re applying for a credit or loan, particularly for a large purchase such as a house or auto, at that point you have to know how to get your credit score. This is the information that is held by credit report organizations so financial institutions can discover how good you are with your … Read More

How Much Car Can You REALLY Afford?

When purchasing a vehicle, it’s important to know what you can afford. You may find out that how much of a car you can really afford is much different than what the car dealer led you to believe. After all, they’re out to make sales. Here are some tips to remember when car shopping. Know … Read More

The “Car Finance Protection Bureau?”

  The “Car Finance Protection Bureau?” The CFPB (Consumer Finance Protection Bureau) has now added non-bank automobile financing companies to the list of institutions it will be regulating. At least for now, the federal agency will have its hooks in only those which make over 10,000 loans or leases per year. This threshold, however, will … Read More

Gasoline Prices Back on the Rise

  Gasoline Prices Back on the Rise Gasoline futures prices in the United States have climbed to their highest level of 2015, with prices at the pump again approaching the $3.00 per gallon level.  Only six months earlier these prices in some areas of the country were dipping below $2.00 per gallon.  (However, a year … Read More

General Motors Faces Possible Criminal Charges

  General Motors Faces Possible Criminal Charges The United States Justice Department’s investigation into General Motors (“GM”) over the automobile manufacturer’s handling of faulty ignition switches might be leading to criminal charges against the company.  GM had recalled over two and a half million of its Chevrolet Cobalt and other models last year after learning … Read More

How are Gas Prices Affecting the Economy

  How are Gas Prices Affecting the Economy On average, Americans spend roughly 5% of their disposable income on gas. Although this expenditure is not a large portion of their budget, it is very top of mind; so psychologically, a rise in gas prices can negatively affect consumer behavior. To put it in perspective, a … Read More

Interest-Only Interest

  Interest-Only Interest 1 By Staff on June 23, 2015 · Credit in the News “Interest-only” mortgages might be making a comeback, at least on a limited basis.  These loans require the borrower to pay only interest for a set number of years before the payment adjusts to allow for payment of principal, too.  They … Read More

Getting a Loan with Good Credit

Loans Are Easier To Get With Good Credit Getting a loan with good credit is highly likely. If you maintain a good credit score and credit history, the opportunity for a loan with good credit is completely possible. Maintaining a good credit history helps your chances of a loan with good credit in that lenders … Read More

Auto Loans

Auto loans, whether purchase or refinance are secured loans with the  auto as collateral and offer some of the best rates in the market. Here are some of the most competitive deals currently available. Auto Credit Express Products Offered Auto Loans Coverage Nationwide Credit Needed Any Credit Welcome Good credit, bad credit, no credit. 93% … Read More