Obtaining Good Credit


Monitoring Your Good Credit Credit monitoring is a good idea for everyone to get into the habit of doing. From the day you open up your very first checking account or get your very first credit card, you need to be aware of what is on your credit record at all times. With computers and the internet being prevalent in almost every home, credit monitoring is even more important. Keep reading and we’ll tell you why.

Services that Monitor Your Credit By being active with your credit record and partaking in a little credit monitoring, you can find out what is on your credit record. You can do this by using a legitimate credit monitoring service unless you want to pay for additional copies of your credit report throughout the year. By federal law you are entitled to one free copy each year. Once you get your credit report or start credit monitoring activities on it, you will be able to watch out for identity theft or other pieces of incorrect information that might appear on your credit report.

How Much does Good Credit Monitoring Cost? Beyond a free annual report from each credit reporting agency, paid credit monitoring typically costs a few dollars per month. It will allow you to identify problems on your credit report often before it becomes too late and wreaks havoc with your good credit standing. Errors that are left unnoticed and undisputed could cost you the house you want or the car loan when you need it the most. If you stay on top of your credit report by using credit monitoring, you can keep a nasty situation from spiraling completely out of control.

The Solution A legitimate credit monitoring service will help you for a fee get your credit report, check it for any mistakes that need to be fixed right away, and then the service will start credit monitoring activities on the report on your behalf. The service will check it on a daily basis. If flagged due to any suspicious changes during the credit monitoring, the service will contact you within 24 hours of identifying the problem, usually via e-mail. If the service believes that your identity has been stolen, you will be contacted sooner in order to make sure your identity is protected.

Can I Start Monitoring Now? It doesn’t matter whether you have good credit or bad credit, credit monitoring will keep you from having worse credit thanks to someone stealing your identity or credit information. Keeping your credit in good shape using credit monitoring is something we all should do — good credit or bad credit.