Paying Off Debt Can Reduce Fear and Anxiety


The phone rings. You look at the caller ID, and you realize that you are being called yet again by a creditor. They want money that you don’t have. Your heart races, and you try to think of a new excuse to tell them why you cannot pay your bill. The anxiety you feel each time the phone rings is starting to take its toll. They call you at work, and they call you at home. You feel like you cannot escape. If only there were something you could do to get this creditor off your back.

Did you know that a creditor can legally call you up to 20 times a day? For a person who is drowning in debt, dodging phone calls seems to become a way of life. However, you don’t have to deal with the anxiety and fear every time the phone rings. Payday loans with no credit check can end the vicious cycle.

Facts About Creditor Issues and Mental Health

That feeling of angst each time the phone rings may be an indication of a more significant problem. According to the Consumer Credit Counselling Service, nine out of ten people who have debt problems also suffer from anxiety or other mental health issues too. The study was uncanny. Could there be a link to those who are in debt developing fear and panic because of creditor harassment?

Debt stress is one of the worst types of stress around. You live in fear that you may lose your house, face wage and bank garnishments or worse. While there are no debtor’s prisons, some creditors like to imply that the activity is fraudulent, and they are pressing charges. Is it any wonder that people are anxious when they receive these calls? Have you received a call telling you they are going to take you to court? Threats like this only compound the already serious issue.

Getting The Monkey Off Your Back

When your bill problems are stemming from things that need immediate attention, like utilities, car payments, and other necessities, it can cause severe stress. Payday loans require no credit check and can help you resolve short-term debt issues quickly. If you have a verifiable income, a checking account, and some identification, you can get a loan within minutes.

Imagine answering the phone without the lump in your throat and racing heartbeat. Debt problems are overwhelming and a real source of stress. Thankfully, a payday loan can resolve many of these issues bringing you peace of mind.

In all reality, being hunkered down with debt is not something you would wish on your worst enemy. Remember, interest rates never sleep and they can continue to mount and make life miserable. Taking the time to set a budget, putting together a plan and making sure you pay that debt down can bring a sense of contentment and peace.