Quick Tips to Boost Your Credit Worthiness

There are a few awesome tips which you can follow in order to improve or maintain a good credit score. The best thing about these “tips” is that they can boost your credit worthiness, making you eligible for higher loans, with not much of an effort required.

1. Get rid of your unused Cards (but make sure to keep the credit facility open)

Therefore, if you have more credit cards and you’d want to close the facility, if you want to keep your credit score healthy, you can keep the facility open and shelve your cards. Why? Mainly because you have already been granted a credit amount (which will inevitably show up on your credit report) and if it has a zero balance owing, then it will work in your favor as the overall debt ratio will be much lower.

2. Make Your Credit Card Work for You

What that means? Well, it means that you should use your credit card on a daily basis in order to give you a good score. However, there are two things you should always keep in mind, regardless of whether you’re purchasing groceries, gas or utilities:

     a) All of your purchases/debt must be paid in full.

     b) Try not to exceed 50% of your credit card limit.

3. Check your Credit Report

As surprising as it might seem, your credit report can have mistakes. After all, some people are typing those numbers and everything, and people make mistakes. So always check your report for errors, as they might impact you negatively.

Keeping these things in mind, you can go on and have an amazing credit card score. Try to use these 3 tips and you will see how they will help you in improving/maintaining your credit card score.