What to Do if Your Credit Card is Lost/Stolen

It happens, if you lost your credit card, you definitely freaked out, so before we go any further, you have to know that if this ever happens to you, all you have to do is to breath in and remember all of these steps and tips that you can always follow:

1. File a Report with Your Credit Card Company

As soon as you have found out that your card was stolen, contact your credit card issuers and tell them what happened. Every credit card company should have a phone number for lost or stolen credit cards. Don’t worry about having to pay for fraudulent transactions, you will be liable for only the first 50$ of any fraudulent charge made on your credit card.

2. Check Your Bill

After you noticed your card is missing, you should go over your latest bills (online) and see whether there are any kind of transactions which you didn’t make. If something suspicious shows up, write an email to your credit card company, including the date when you informed them about the lost/theft of your credit card. You should address this letter to the company’s billing errors department.

3. If You Have a Debit Card

Having a debit card is a bigger risk so the sooner you report the theft, the lesser the chances of being liable for any transactions. If you delay in filing such a report, you can be charged for up to 500$ for ANY unauthorized transactions.

One way to always make sure that your credit cards are in-check is to track your cards, by always knowing where you keep them. Also, you should have different PINs for each of them and try not to use your birthday, phone number or your Social Security digits, pick something that would be hard to guess. For more information visit: www.goodcredit.com