“Good credit” is a concept that everyone understands.  Like material wealth or good health, it’s something you’d like to obtain, keep or regain.

Our founders have launched GoodCredit.com with this concept in mind, creating a financial resource to benefit everyone.  Unlike other search tools, GoodCredit.com has been developed to encompass all facets of credit rather than just a narrow segment of the industry.  Thus the consumer can find a credit card, car loan, mortgage and credit monitoring all at the same site while simultaneously learning how to make the best choices among various alternatives.

We continually add current in-depth articles to keep you abreast of latest developments and trends.  In addition to helping the consumer obtain financing, we provide relevant information about those markets in which the consumer spends funds such as housing or automobiles.

GoodCredit.com is owned and operated by LeadPro Media, Inc.  It is not a mortgage or credit card company. We don’t charge you for reading any of our articles or utilizing any of our resources.  It is a for-profit business, so we get paid by allowing certain respected credit-related enterprises to advertise their products and services on our website.  We appreciate any feedback you would like to share to improve our site.